Dr. Cody Fowler

Dr. Cody Fowler Owner & Health Director of Excelsior Fitness

Owner/Health Director

Dr. Fowler graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and shortly after bought Symmetry Sports Therapy.

While majoring in Exercise Science at Central Washington University he endured a traumatic snowboarding injury, fracturing and severely spraining much of his upper thoracic spine. The Emergency Room prognosis was partial paralysis for up to six months- he walked out of his chiropractor’s office later that night. He began his journey toward chiropractic shortly after.

Cody has been a personal trainer since 2006 and uses corrective and performance exercise training as an integral part of  his treatment plan. Using functional movement analysis combined with orthopedic and neurologic exams, he determines the best course of action for each patient before taking an alternative, but aggressive approach to increasing function, decreasing pain and much more.

Cody has treated a range of patients from young children in Fiji to amateur and professional athletes at the Sea Otter Classic. He uses rehabilitation exercises, chiropractic adjustments and a myriad of soft tissue techniques to give patients the most effective treatment possible.

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