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Excelsior is proud to partner with five exclusive partners located in the same courtyard as our personal training studio.

When you buy an Excelsior package, you can use any of your "sessions" on personal training OR one of our partners' services; including: chiropractic/sports therapy, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, fascial stretch therapy, or acupuncture.

We also offer add-on services such as the "Recovery Room" and Laser Therapy. 

Learn more about each of the services we offer below.


symmetry sports therapy and performance care los gatos ca

Chiropractic/Sports Therapy

Symmetry Sports Therapy and Performance Care is also owned by Dr. Cody (owner of Excelsior), along with the Health Director, Dr. Kevin. Similar to Excelsior, Symmetry's mission is to create a highly customized experience for their patients and their recovery, performance care, and/or injury prevention. They use a variety of techniques to treat patients including chiropractic adjustments, movement and stretching techniques, rehabilitation exercises, laser therapy, and kinesiology taping. 

When you buy an Excelsior package, you can redeem one of your sessions (or as many as you'd like) for a 30-45 minute  session with Dr. Kevin or Dr. Cody. 



Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Body Firm, the former name of Excelsior, is owned and operated by Tammy Parkinson as a nutrition and lifestyle coaching service. She has consulted hundreds of clients towards body fat loss, eating for energy, sports performance and eating for health (i.e., lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and controlling diabetes).

When you buy an Excelsior package, you can redeem one of your sessions (or as many as you'd like) for a 45-60 minute nutrition coaching session with Tammy.



Massage Therapy & Fascial Stretch Therapy

Pacific Motion Bodywork offers massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) with Marcus. Spa-House offers a variety of therapeutic massages with Mary.

spa-house-massageA typical massage session involves deep tissue massage and myofascial release on tight or injured tissues to engage and re-awaken them. A FST session involves assisted stretching with the use of comfortable straps to stabilize limbs that aren't being treated. These techniques help you release stress in the mind and body, prevent injury, and recover faster. 

When you buy an Excelsior package, you can redeem one of your sessions (or as many as you'd like) for a one hour massage or FST session with Marcus or Mary.




Dan (the needle man!) treats a variety of pain using acupuncture including: backache, headache, heartache, mindache (yes, that's a thing!), and jointache. It can also be used to treat sports injuries, mental health conditions, stress, digestive issues, and much more. Dan, our certified acupuncturist, also uses kinesiology taping, cupping, a Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) device, and Chinese herbal formulas as a part of treatment. 

When you buy an Excelsior package, you can redeem one of your sessions (or as many as you'd like) for a one hour acupuncture session with Dan.



Recovery Room

Our most exciting new addition is a Recovery Room that provides state of the art equipment for maximizing your recovery, improving your performance, and reducing your risk of injury.

The Recovery Room will be based on a monthly membership with unlimited access to the space and our equipment for $49/month. Plus discounts on laser therapy and training sessions! Equipment includes:
Compression Boots
Compex Muscle Stimulator
Localized Vibration Therapy
Mobility Tools
(Stay tuned as we add even more features in the new year!)
recovery room symmetry sports los gatos ca

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