Saul is a very enthusiastic person with a passion for fitness. You might know him better as the man behind the mask of Spideyfit.

Saul/Spideyfit has been an athlete since the day he was born. He played soccer for 9 years as a kid, then became a skateboarder for 11 years. A few years ago, he injured his knee very badly skateboarding, which led him to join a gym to rehabilitate his knee. He was hooked on weight lifting from day 1. The rest is history, now he’s an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer looking to improve the lives of others and share his passion for fitness with them.

Aside from weight training and web-spinning, he enjoys sports, drawing, being outdoors, taking hikes and doing sprints at the track.

Train with Spideyfit in Downtown Los Gatos, CA